2010 predictions and snow

Firstly, a very Good New Year to all readers of this blog. Thinking about a new year and how people make predictions, I came across a reference to some predictions for 2010 in relation to educational technology. The article highlighted 5 predictions i.e. 1) e-books will continue to proliferate 2) NetBook functionality will grow 3) More teachers will use interactive whiteboards 4) Personal devices will infiltrate the classroom and 5) Technology will enable tailored curricula. So no great surprises there although it is interesting that no. 4 uses the word ‘infiltrate’, a word usually associated with secret and possibly illicit activities. The fact that some students will bring their own web connectivity on their smart phones is commented on in economic terms in the article. If you had to make 5 predictions about your school library or your role as a TL or school librarian in 2010, what would the list include? Think about it as it might help you identify your priorities. No need to make the predictions public of course.

Here in the south of Scotland, we’ve had the first real winter for nearly 30 years. It  has snowed and the snow has stayed with us for at least a couple of weeks. Where I live in Dunbar, I’m right on the coast, so the salty air tends to keep the temperature up and less snow falls than, for example, on the hills a couple of miles away. I’ve put a few snowy photos – taken at the golf course nearby and put them on my Flickr site. I’ve included one below as a starter. The snow has gone now and the crocus bulbs have sprouted – no flowers yet. As the poet Shelley wrote ‘O Wind/If Winter comes can Spring be far behind?’.

Snow on the golf course


One Response to “2010 predictions and snow”

  1. Sue Noor Says:

    Hi James,
    I am touring part of Scotland in early May so will try to look you up if I am in the neighbourhood,(my Dad and I are hiring a car and driving around GBritain and Scotland so hope it is not that cold then,
    take care…I might have to have a hit of golf!

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