TACCLE and James Ellroy

Thanks to Luisa Marquardt for posting information on IASL-LINK about the TACCLE (Teachers’ Aids on Creating Content for Learning Environments) project. TACCLE seeks to ‘help teachers [TLs and school librarians also] develop state of the art content for e-learning in general and for learning environments in particular’. The project has produced a handbook which you can download after registering or you can register to be sent a printed copy. E-learning is coming to a school very near you and very soon, if it’s not there yet. The TL as resource creator will become more important in schools as we move towards digital libraries in schools where students have e-learning as a normal part of their curriculum.

I’m reading James Ellroy’s new book ‘Blood’s a Rover’. This is crime/political thriller at its very best. It’s not for the fainthearted as the book features a series of extremely flawed characters living in the late 1960s and 1970s who are involved in subverting mainstream government and politics. There are also appearances by real people – J Edgar Hoover, Howard Hughes and Richard Nixon – and there is much speculation about the plots to kill J F Kennedy and Martin Luther King. There is some gratuitous violence in the book and much political machination. If you like your fiction to be enthralling, sometimes funny, sometimes gruesome, and always fast paced, with a language of its own, then this is for you. Miss Marple is certainly is not.


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