E-books and garden bird

I was doing some reading about learning in schools and went on to the CSU Library and discovered (yes, to my shame, I should have known this) the extent to which the collection of e-books  has risen over the past couple of years. I’m quite comfortable with reading e-books as, because I work at home for most of the year, I tend not print out material in the same way as I might when I’m on campus in Wagga Wagga. The fact that you can download e-books i.e. borrow them for up to 7 days, is a great help and download times are not all that onerous – you do need to have broadband of course. The extent to which e-books have become more prevalent in school libraries has not (I think but correct me if you know otherwise) been the subject of empirical research but anecdotally, there does appear to be more TLs who are encouraging the purchase and use of e-books.

Sitting at my laptop a couple of weeks ago – when the snow was still on the ground – I was alerted to a fluttering on my windowsill and I looked round to see a plumpish bird with a speckled, reddish breast, sitting on the windowsill outside. Of course, by the time I got my camera ready, it had flown off. I assume this was because the bird saw me as some kind of ornothological paparazzi who would splash the photo all over the web. OK, maybe I just moved and it took fright. Despite this, two more of these birds appeared in the garden and I managed to snap them through the window. Not ideal but if I had open the front door and tried to catch them directly, I’m sure they would have flown off. I think that the birds were fieldfares which come here in winter from Scandinavia. See the photo below and if you are more ornithologically observant than I am, let me know.

Bird in the snow

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