Branding the school library and swans

I was reading an article the other day about how Barack Obama had turned the presidency into a brand and it set me thinking what a school library brand might look like. A brand gives a product an individual identity e.g. a Volkswagen Beetle car or Starbucks coffee shops. The idea is that people can recognise certain qualities from the brand name. So if the brand is the school library, what is the brand? Books, access to the web, the teacher/school librarian, knowledge, information literacy? Branding is alluded to in Valenza and Johnson’s article which is very worth reading as it may make you think about how you would like to brand the library and how you think you might go about persuading your school community to recognise that brand e.g. seing the school library as a virtual as well as a physical space.

Out walking on Sunday last, 3 groups of swans took off from a wee loch at St Abbs Head and conducted a flyover, swaying above the cliffs and down through the valley where the loch provides them with nesting cover. You could hear the wings flapping and the constant calls from each group. Were they discussing what they could see as my wife and I were discussing what we could see? Improbable but not impossible, methinks. The photo below was taken from a distance but if any of you can lipread swans, then let me know what they were saying. 

No blog next week as I’m on leave. Blog back in wb 1st Feb 2010.

Swans at St Abbs Head


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