Four things every student should learn and primroses

From eSchool News this week, an article from Alan November who is known to me mainly as an advocate of teaching students how to be discriminating web users e.g. his well known 1998 article Teaching Zach to think. In the present article, November highlights what he sees as 4 things every student should learn, and adds that not all schools are teaching these 4 things. OK, you cynics out there might argue that he wouldn’t write about things that every school was teaching. His 4 things are: global empathy; social and ethical responsibility on the web; the permanence of information posted online; and critical thinking about the information found online. November refers to the importance of teaching students how to ‘tear apart information on the web’ and I think he’s right. Maybe no great surprises in this article for many TLs. Get your teachers to read it!

Spring has not sprung yet here in the south east of Scotland and the cold winter we’ve had (lots of older people saying ‘It’s nice to have a real winter) continues. I should explain that this means that day temperatures are about 4-5 degrees this week – that may or not be cold for you, depending on where you are in the world. However, the crocuses are out, albeit that they stay closed nearly all the time. What is adding a nice splash of colour to my garden are the primroses in different colours (see photo below) . Primroses mean ‘prime’ or ‘first’ roses as they flower in the winter/early spring. If flowers have characters, maybe these ‘prim’ roses are well behaved and dress conservatively, and maybe ‘wild’ roses cavort about in the dark when we’re not looking. If you can absolutely prove that they don’t, let me know.

Primroses in February


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