21st cetury teacher and White Tiger

Are you a 21st century teacher? That’s the question asked in a new Becta resource. The 9 page leaflet gives definitions of 21st century teachers and what they accomplish e.g. ‘make learning exciting and engaging for all learners’. There are also a range of case studies cited – although no links are made here. The booklet covers aspects such as learning and teaching, planning and administration and assessment. This is followed by a detailed checklist to help teachers to improve their teaching. All of this applies to teacher librarians and school librarians. This is a well written and concise guide and well worth dipping into.

I’ve just finished reading The White Tiger which won the Man Booker prize in 2008. It’s certainly different. The narrator tells us that he is an Indian entrepreneur and the book takes the form of messages that he is purportedly sending to the Chinese prime minister who is about to visit India. It’s an amusing and revealing tale about the huge differences in wealth and class in India and it’s also a tale of murder. It’s well plotted and the narrator’s voice is individual and distinct. However, I was left with the feeling that this was quite a light novel. Yes – it won the Man Booker Prize, so eminent critics obviously disagree with me. I would still recommend that you read it.


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