School Library Monthly and White Egrets

The journal which used to be called School Library Media Activities Monthly, which doesn’t exactly trip easily off the tongue, has been renamed a much more sensible School Library Monthly. You can subscribe to this journal but most of it appears to be online for free. The journal does contain some articles by leading academics but also has a range of features relating to teacher librarianship which are of a very practical nature e.g. Into the curriculum; Almanacs; and Podcasts. The January 2010 edition has features on assessing learning, guided inquiry and Nudging toward Inquiry – a very practical article looking at ways in which TLs and teachers can encourage students to enhance their information literacy skills. This is one to put on your to-do list and to return to each month.

The postman delivered a package the other day, a white jiffy bag, so I had a good idea that it was time for my quarterly surprise as a member of the Poetry Book Society. Opening the package is a mixture of anticipation and uncertainty as you are never sure if you will like the quarterly choice – although very few ever disappoint. The Spring 2010 choice is White Egrets  by the Caribbean poet Derek Walcott, a Nobel prize winner. I’ve only dipped into it so far but Walcott has the great poet’s enviable ease of being concise in words but expansive in meaning e.g. “where bannered breakers toss/ and the palms gust with music that is time’s…” Much more pleasure to come from this.

One Response to “School Library Monthly and White Egrets”

  1. Kate Reid Says:

    Thank you for the reminder to put that site on my feed reader – I found a nice article about celebrating Dr Seuss’ birthday 🙂

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