Podcasts and boudin noir

In the last 2 semesters, I have been providing my students with a weekly podcast on the topic they are studying and in one smaller class, I provided students with a podcast feedback on their assignments. I’m now analysing the responses to a questionnaire for the smaller (20 students) class and the online evaluations for the larger class (150 students). Students responded very well to the podcasts and in particular, enjoyed the personal touch in a distance education environment. The assignment feedback podcasts wer particularly welcomed as students said that they took more notice of the verbal comments (which accompanied detailed written feedback) and were more likely to act on suggested improvements if they received a podcast. Podcasting is reasonably common in schools now but I’m not sure whether assignment feedback is much done. Depending on your class size, it can be time-consuming but it is worth trying. If any of you use podcasts for feedback to students, please let me know.

Out to dinner last night with friends Tam and Sandra. Tam and I went to school together at the age of 5, so we’ve been friends for (you choose a number) years. We went to the Cafe Marlayne and for my first course I had boudin noir and scallops. The faint hearted should probably look away now. Boudin noir is the French equivalent of black pudding and both can be described as blood sausages as dried blood is the main ingredient. In Scotland, black pudding is often part of the traditional breakfast and if you want to try the crispy and less fatty kind, then go for Stornoway black pudding. Alternatively, have it as a starter on baked apple with Cumberland sauce.


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  1. Fiona Says:

    Have you seen this?
    I’m wondering whether this would be a good addition to the library databases at CSU?

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