School Library Journal Online and St Andrews

Having given a plug for School Library Monthly recently, I thought that I’d be fair and urge those of you interested in school library development, but particularly on the children’s literature side, to have a look at  The School Library Journal . It is best known for its children’s literature articles and particularly its reviews, but there is much more material to be found here including features on information literacy, web 2.0 and curriculum related websites. the journal is based in the USA, so there is a north American focus on most aspects but there is much that TLs around the world can learn from this journal, most of which is available online, but you can subscribe to it if you wish.

A day trip to St Andrews   on Saturday, a cold, crisp but bright and very sunny day in the east of Scotland. The town is famous as the home of golf and for its ancient university  and its wide sweep of beach is best known as the setting for one of the running scenes in the film Chariots of Fire. The photo below is of the castle, a ruin since being destroyed in reformation times in Scotland. Like many other Scottish castles, such as the castle  here in Dunbar, it was built with its back to the sea, so that it was unlikely to be surrounded and so that it could see its enemies approaching. There was a huge swell on the sea on Saturday and made me think of Walcott’s ‘bannered breakers’ referred to in a recent blog.

St Andrews Castle


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  1. Gewinne Says:

    i’m so glad that i found this blog. that comment was so helpful. thanks again i signed up to this site.
    are you planning to write similar news?

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