Information literacy and Nam Le

I’ve just completed a podcast for my students on some aspects of information literacy in schools. One of the issues facing TLs and teachers has been the proliferation of literacies in recent years. So how do you distinguish, for example, information literacy, digital literacy and visual literacy? Should you distinguish them or are digital literacy and visual literacy components of information literacy. There is no agreement on this. One Digital Literacy site (and there are many) defines digital literacy partly as ‘the use of computers to retrieve, assess, store, produce,  present and exchange information’ but is this not also a possible definition of one aspect of information literacy? I think that the key aspect here is not to restrict ourselves to definitions of different kinds of literacy, but to see how they might overlap. So ask your self – how does media literacy relate to information literacy, and vice versa? Consider it your homework for tonight.

I’m reading an astonishing book of short stories at the moment. The Boat by Nam Le contains a range of stories which will grip you with a sense of high tension. You will also be fascinated by the range of characters and by how much you find out about characters in a relatively short period of time. There is so much depth in these stories that sometimes I have come away thinking that I’ve read a whole novel and not a short story – although many of the stories are not short in the sense of being only a few pages long. If you think you don’t read short stories, then try this book and prepare to be amazed. Seldom have I read a book that lives up to the lavish praise of the reviews quoted.


One Response to “Information literacy and Nam Le”

  1. Shelley Says:

    I too read and thoroughly enjoyed The Boat by Nam Le. I couldn’t agree with your comments more. I have to admit that I am not a short story fan and wouldn’t normally read them, but this book came with such high recommendations that I couldn’t refuse! Each story draws you in. You have deep and intense connection with the character. The variety of stories and characters is astounding. I will be giving this book as a gift to my loved ones in the coming year.

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