Learning platforms and kittiwakes

Many schools are now developing what Becta in the UK call learning platforms. These are also called virtual learning environments. The possibilities offered by using a learning platform are endless and some schools have gone ahead with projects which have transformed the way ICT is used in the school, particularly in the engagement of students with a range of ICT across the curriculum. The Becta guide is a very good place to find out more information about how to exploit the many aspects of a school learning platform and it identified five levels of development – aware, develop, adopt, integrate and transform. Learning platforms are an excellent opportunity for TLs to play a role in developing ICT for learning across the school. However, as I always point out, getting involved with the school learning platform will mean giving up something else that you are involved in.

It’s that time of year again. Walking along the harbourside on Sunday morning, a familiar cry could be heard as the kittiwakes have returned to nest in and around the Dunbar castle ruins. The birds go out to sea for the winter and return each spring. Kittiwakes are smaller than the larger common gulls or herring gulls which are also a feature of a harbourside walk. The kittiwakes are also very noisy birds and particularly when they are setting up nests with their partners. They have a high pitched call and when they start to call in unison on the castle wall, it can be quite deafening. As harbingers of Spring however, they are very welcome. The photo below is from last year but this year will continue the search for the perfect kittiwake photo. Watch this space.

Kittiwakes on Dunbar castle

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