Forbes (business journal) article on TLs and travelling

I was alerted to an article in the US based online business journal Forbes by one of my colleagues. Now is not in my favourites but this article is about school students needed teacher librarians and ‘not just Google’. Now while the content of the article will be old news to us in the school library community, it is encouraging that an article featuring TLs and SLs appears in this prestigious business journal. The author argues that, in the business world, information literacy skills are of prime importance.  The author is a former corporate lawyer and now runs his own company and states that, without what he terms ‘effective research skills’ he would not have been as successful as he has been. A good article to send round the school.

I am now in Australia for 4 weeks, having travelled from Scotland to Dubai (2 days) and then on to Sydney (1.5 days) and to Wagga Wagga. Travelling is a mixture of the very interesting, the boring and the very tiring. It’s interesting to go to places which you are visiting for the first time or revisiting and it’s interesting to watch the variety of other people travelling and sometimes meeting people while travelling. Sitting in a plane waiting for take off and the captain telling you that there’s been another delay but, in as cheerful a voice as the captain can muster, telling you that we’ll be on our way ‘very shortly’ (never defined) can be boring. One of the odd things about travelling is that, while you are sitting in a plane for hours on end, it is very tiring although you haven’t actually done anything. In some ways, it is lost time.


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