iGeneration students’ learning and Uranquinty

From eSchool News, another article which raises questions about student learning and whether today’s students – called iGeneration students by Larry Rosen – learn differently because they have grown up with new technology and particularly have lived with the web being ubiquitous in their lives. Rosen argues that because todays students spend their days multitasking with different technologies and have a more individualised view of their education, then they learn differently. Mmm – does he mean that these students actually learn differently or does he mean that they might have a different approach to learning? Methinks the latter, given that learning in school is usually seen as gaining new knowledge through practice or experience. So, we have to be careful about generalised statements about today’s students. Interestingly, at the end of this article, Rosen is quoted as saying that today’s students ‘spend more  time gathering information in breadth, rather than depth’ and that teachers should focus on getting students to distinguish between retrieving information and understanding what they read. So they’re not that much different then.

Uranquinty is a village near Wagga Wagga and here you’ll find a small area which is dedicated to remembering the migrants who came out from Europe after the Second World War to increase Australia’s population and to provide cheap labour for government projects. The migrants suffered privations such as separation of families with the men working away from the migrant camp, but many went on to lead successful lives in Australia. You’ll also find the excellent Quinty Cake and Bakehouse, run by the very friendly and hard working Paul and Tania – try the delicious lemon or lime tarts. Uranquinty is also a place to stop and rest for a wee while – see picture below.

Resting at Uranquinty


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