Digital literacy and the Manly Ferry

From Futurelab, a handbook on digital literacy across the curriculum, which can be downloaded. The handbook which Futurelab describes as providing not a how-to-do-it guide, but ‘a rationale, some possible strategies and practical examples for schools to draw on’. It also discusses professional development and how digital literacy can be included in ‘whole-school initiatives’. The handbook uses the term ‘digital literacy’ and it implies that what we might refer to as information literacy, is part of digital literacy. I think that we need to accept that there is going to be a range of terms used, with different definitions, and that as long as people do not jump on every bandwagon that comes along and stand behind the barricades of their own term, we can co-exist with our firmly on the key aim of student learning. This is an important report, so please circulate it amongst your school colleagues.

In Sydney at the weekend for s short break. One of the iconic trips in Australia, I think, is to go on the Manly Ferry from Sydney across to Manly and walk through the shopping area to the beach. Don’t stop there but keep walking round to Shelly Beach and you can see some of the wonderful natural rock sculptures. One of the best ideas is to return to Sydney on the ferry when it’s dark and you get a great view of the lights of the city, the bridge and the Opera House. This is an unexpensive and healthy trip, and you can take a rest under the Norfolk Pines and watch the surfers. The picture below is taken from the ferry on the return journey, with the cruise ship Volendam in the harbour.

Approaching Sydney Harbour on the Manly Ferry

One Response to “Digital literacy and the Manly Ferry”

  1. learnalots Says:

    Hi James I absolutely love Shelley Beach!!! You have done well to discover it. Enjoy! Change of subject but in reagrd to IL verses Digital technologies I see IL as the bigger picture and Digital a means to an end within IL. I’m finding it a bit irritating the way the terminology interchanges becuase as an educator I think we do need to K.I.S.S. which belies using a simple language that all the stakeholders can understand. I value simplicity! ENjoy the rest of your stay!

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