What makes a good teacher and water dragon

Doing some work on teaching in schools, I was searching for material on good teaching and came across an interesting site, suitably from Scotland, now that I am back from my trip to Australia, from whence I was teaching for 4 weeks. So what makes a good teacher? This may be one of these questions where if you put 20 TLs in a room, you’d get 20 different answers. The Scottish site¬†identifies research findings e.g. that positive feedback is a key to good teaching, as is subject knowledge, best practices in teaching (e.g. Encourage students to think, to make connections…), personal qualities (e.g. Demonstrate an empathy with pupil thinking..), and professionalism. A good teacher is one who develops students as learners and of course, this means that we should not always confuse good teachers with popular teachers, although the two often happen to be the same person. So how good a teacher are you?

On the way back from Shelly Beach (see previous post), I noticed people at the side of the path taking photos and some were obviously taking close-up photos. On arriving at the scene, we were greeted with the sight of two water dragon lizards which had appeared on the rock – see photo below. They were very tame and changed poses every 30 seconds or so, thus enhancing the photo opportunities. These water dragons are different from the various performers on Circular Quay who have a hat/box/instrument holder to collect donations, especially when photos are taken. From this we can conclude that water dragons are more benevolent than humans? How would a good teacher get a year 7 class to discuss this?

Water dragon lizard


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