Concept maps and Wetheral

I’m writing up some research at the moment relating to concept mapping. If you want an indepth study of concept maps from both a theoretical and practical perspective, then Joseph Novak who developed concept mapping in the 1970s is the man with whom you should engage. The use of concept mapping with science students has also been investigated by Vanides et al and they argue that concept mapping can help students to understand complex scientific terms. My own research has shown that concept mapping use by, for example, year 7 students has a dual purpose. Firstly, it allows students to explore their topic fully and increase their understanding, and secondly, the map is a personal tool which students can use not only for information retrieval but also as a possible basis for structuring their assignment. However, students need to be taught not only how to construct concept maps, but also how to reflect on their use.

At my nephew’s wedding last weekend in the lovely village of Wetheral which is in North West England and not far from the Scottish border. My nephew Mark was a handsome, kilted groom and Cassie, the bride, was a picture of resplendent elegance. A great day in a superb setting. One of the features of the village is the huge viaduct which you can look up to from the riverside walk, or look down from, as there’s a footpath on the bridge. If you’re in that area, definitely worth a visit.


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