The Core and clash of cultures

Some of you may be aware of the online journal The Core, but if you are not, it’s worth a look. It focuses mainly on collection development in schools and has features on a range of different types of books and websites. the current issue includes business books, including a review of what looks like an interesting analysis of how we now get our news ie. not always from the paperboy or papergirl (or in my case, paperman who delivers The Guardian before 6am each day) . It is biased towards North America but nevertheless contains much of interest to TLs across the globe. It also features a report from which is a huge collection of school library web pages. If you are looking for ideas for your own school library web page or intranet pages, this is the place to go.

Last Saturday, here in Dunbar, it was the annual Pipe Band Contest. Each year about 30 pipe bands descend on the town and there are kilts galore – on the street, in the shops, the supermarkets, hotels, pubs and cafes. The competition features the bands playing and being judged on a range of criteria. The warm up is a cascade of tunes being played by the  bands and , depending on your point of view, is a range of melodious pipe tunes or a range of cats being very slowly strangled. Walking around the contest area, I came across this clash of cultures – see photo below. Exactly why this boy, who was playing in a pipe band, had brought his didgeridoo with him, I did not stay to find out.

Didgeridoo and kilt


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