Information landscape and Don Dilillo

Reading a Futurelab report on Education futures, teaching and technology, which covers a wide range of aspects of what education in the future might look like and how teachers (and by definition teacher librarians) are going to have to adapt, there are interesting sections on what the report calls ‘the information landscape’. One of the sections states that ‘finding and using information will become second nature’ and that people in the developed countries will be ‘wrapped in a personal information landscape’. The implication here might be that the more access people have to different kinds of information, the more they will use it, thus the ‘second nature’. However, the report could usefully add a caveat that students will still need to be taught how to find and use information effectively. An interesting report nevertheless and definitely worth a look.

I’ve started reading Don Delillo’s Falling Man, which has been sitting on my bookshelves (along with many other novels) for quite a while now. Delillo is a favourite author of mine and the start of this novel, set at the time of the 9/11 bombings in New York, does not disappoint. Delillo has the enviable ability to write telling and poignant phrases that sometimes strike you as so well written that you read them again and again. He also has the expert author’s ability to present a character and sum her/him up in a few sentences, which after you read them, give you a feeling that you recognise this character as a person and not just a type. The opening description of a man walking out of one of the tower blocks just after the plane has hit the tower, is arresting. Looking forward to reading the rest of it.


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