LIDA conference and Zadar

Firstly, an apology for the lack of postings last week. this was due to coughs, coughs and more coughs. This week I am at the Libraries in the Digital Age conference, in Zadar, Croatia. the conference is covering a wide range of aspects of libraries – and not just digital libraries. This morning there was an excellent opening speech by Tefko Saracevic from Rutgers University. He covered a wide range of aspects of print books and ebooks and discussed the implications of ebooks for libraries, including those in schools. One of the implications of the spread of ebooks for schools is students having access to text books which they use in schools. This raises many issues, not least the cost and availability of  ebooks.

The conference is in the Croatian city of Zadar which is very historic city on the Croatian coast. A brief walk round the town after arriving yesterday, revealed a walled town which was clearly well fortified in the past, to keep out enemies. There is also evidence of Roman and pre-Roman settlements. All this, of course, in a modern setting with more ice cream shops than I have ever seen, souvenir shops and clothes shops. The main university building where the conference is being held has very picturesque views, of which more later. Back to the next speaker.


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