LIDA (2) and Alfred Hitchcock

The LIbraries in the Digital Age (LIDA) conference is coning to an end. It has been an interesting week, with a wide range of papers on different kinds of libraries, archives and museums. The key theme has been on the digitisation of text and visual information around the world and there are many significant steps being taken to provide access to schools (and others) to material which was previously unavailable e.g. from museums and national archives. So it is worth while keeping a watch on what new material is emerging. On the schools side, I gave a paper on information literacy and transfer, Carol Gordon talked about research into summer reading and Ross Todd looked at digital natives and immigrants. Ross Todd confirmed some of the objections I posted previously on this blog about how we should be wary of having simple categorisations. Carol Gordon made a good point about how we, in schools, need to make others aware of how simplistic notions (e.g. digital natives don’t need libraries) can lead to questionable decisions.

Alfred Hitchcock the famous film director, said that the sunset here in Zadar was the most beautiful in the world. A group from the conference was given a tour of Zadar’s fascinating history and, when we came to the edge of the sea where the sunset can be seen at its best about 8.30pm, the tour guide said that, of course, Hitchcock was in love on his visit here, so he may have been biased. However, it is a spectacular sunset if you catch a good one. See the picture below.

Zadar sunset


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