Workplace information and Nin

At the moment, I’m writing up some research I did recently on students going on work experience in year 10 of secondary school and what differences they might find between their school information environment and that of the workplace where they do their short placement. When I interviewed students before they went on work experience, they had very little concept of what difference they might find. Also, the guidance teachers interviewed were unsure of what exactly constituted a workplace information environment. The results show that students find the workplace to be a different environment in terms of information literacy practices because, firstly, they find that in the workplace, people do not use the web for all their information. students expressed surprise at how the employees they met used other people as the main source of information, either face to face, by phone or by email. if you are in a secondary school, check if the teachers organising work experience for students, get their students to study the workplace information environment.

Teh final visit at the LIDA conference was to the historic city of Nin. It is a city in that it was a bishopric in the Middle Ages and it has what it claims to be the world’s smallest cathedral. However, it is not a city in modern terms, as it is a small island with a very small population. It is a stunning place to visit, with more history packed into this small island than you’ll find in some modern towns and cities. The ‘cathedral’ is a small church which is bare inside and holds, standing up, perhaps 20 people. There are also Roman ruins from a temple which existed in Nin and some very ornate sections remain, as in the picture below. Put Nin on your list.

Section of Roman temple in Nin


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