Futures thinking and lighthouse

From the ever informative Futurelab, comes an excellent resource for schools which TLs might download and pass on to colleagues in the school. The Futures Thinking Teachers Pack provides a resource which can be used with students who are engaged in discussing a ‘possible, probable and preferable’ future society in their country, as opposed to trying to predict what might happen in the future. The complete pack can be downloaded but there are subject packs covering English and Geography and other subjects. This looks to me like a set of resources – there are also webcasts and lesson plans – which could be used in many different countries, so please take a close look.

At the weekend, on the walk around St Abb’s Head – mentioned many times in this blog, I got a close shot of the lighthouse and you can see the prisms through which the light shines. Many light houses has Fresnel lenses which allowed much more light to be captured and the lenses allowed the light to be seen more than 20 miles (32.4k) away. There is of course, the children’s book The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch which many of us read to our kids and is used in primary schools for a range of activities.

St Abb's Head Lighthouse


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