Becta closure and guillemots

There was a shock in the school sector here in the UK, with the announcement that, due to government cuts, Becta which is the UK’s ICT agency and whose website I have often referred to. While cuts had been expected, the decision to close Becta, as outlined in a Guardian article  was very surprising. When Becta closes, schools across the UK and internationally will be deprived of an excellent resource which advises on ICT use and promotes effective ICT use in schools. If Uk schools are to be supported in their use of ICT – as all governments want – then the funds saved from the closure will have to be found elsewhere. So make sure that you use the excellent resources on Becta’s website while they are still there.

Guillemots are fascinating birds which nest in huge numbers on what appear to be very precarious cliff edges. The photo below – which is not as sharp as it should be – gives you an idea of guillemots nesting. Looking down from the cliffs, the guillemots often look as if they are taking shelter from the wind by huddling together for protection, with their backs to the sea. They nest incredibly close to each other but seem content with the close proximity of their hundreds of neighbours. Your blogger also kept a safe distance as one of the tasty meals which guillemots have to sustain themselves is – herring.

Guillemots at St Abb's


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