VoiceThread and post equinox nights

I’m alerted by a former student (thanks Kate) to VoiceThread. Now, I’m always reluctant to publicise commercial products on this blog, so consider this as an alert to something which you might be able to use, rather than as a commercial. I am not selling VoiceThread. I think that it’s worth checking out as it seems to me to be a fairly cheap way of allowing your students to participate in online discussions. VoiceThread basically works by a teacher or TL posting a text document, graphic, photograph or video and asking students to comment on what’s posted. On the website, you’ll see examples of how the tool is used. Students can contribute to discussions in text, audio or video form and their “comments” can be in the form of creative material such as pictures or poems. I think it’s worth checking out and if you like it but your school is not in a position to pay, then I hope I’ve not raised expectations.

It’s now 8 days since the summer equinox here in the northern hemisphere and, of course, 8 days since the winter equinox if you are in the southern hemisphere. Hereabouts we still have the long summer nights to enjoy for a good while yet, although tradition has it in Scotland that, the day after the longest day, someone will comment “Aye, the nights are fair drawin’ in”. If you want to make a pedantic point, however, the nights were not drawing in until last weekend,according to one article I read. There are still lots of opportunities for dramatic sunsets. Just beforethe equinox, we had some easterly winds and some high tides. An example of big waves – for this time of year – and a nice sunset can be seen in the picture below.

Waves and sunset


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