Books, apps and the dentist

A very interesting article in Saturday’s Guardian, by Marcus du Sautoy on books and e-versions of books as iPad (or other technology) apps, du Sautoy is a mathematician who wants to engage more people, especially school students, in maths, and he’s looking to use ICT to do this. He acknowledges that printed books are not going to disappear because they are ‘durable, portable… their batteries don’t run out’. He also says that ‘ is much easier to show off that you are reading Tolstoy in the original with a paperback than it is with an e-reader’. So, presumably, the pretentious will still buy in print. The article has many links to follow and not just about his new maths book, so check it out.

I’ve just returned from a visit to the dentist and my mouth is slowly de-numbing. I remember a crossword clue which was dentist’s number and the answer was ether. Think about it. It’s a strange experience at the dentist’s which might fascinate a passing Martian. You lie on your back, open your mouth and the dentist pokes about your teeth with instruments which you think might not have changed very much over the centuries i.e. bits of metal with curly bits at the end. At some stage, an assistant sticks a tube in your mouth, thus adding to the overcrowding because of the dentist’s fingers and instruments. Re the Martian, who might think that this is a strange rite of passage for humans, Craig Raine’s poem A Martian sends a postcard home is great for use in schools. Check out the book also. Of course, the dentist’s last words were “It might be sensitive for a day or two”. We’ll see.


2 Responses to “Books, apps and the dentist”

  1. Says:

    Thanks for sharing this info.

  2. arlekeno Says:

    I was asked by an E-reader company to look at ways they could use an e-reader to teach maths. I had to say I thought an E-reader may not be much use except doing the same as a text book, but something like an I-Pad, where you could use an App which would be the text book and provide immediate corrections would be useful.

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