Web users, web learners and rocks

Looking at some material on teaching students how to be more effective searchers for and interpreters of information and ideas on the web, it struck me that what we as TLs and teachers are trying to develop, is not just better web users. We are trying to teach our students to become web learners. I think that too often, we as librarians in schools are seen to be teaching students about how to learn about the web, as opposed to learning from the web. So what are web learners? They are students who learn both about the web and from the web,and what we teach them is directed to learning from the web e.g. to increase their learning in a curricular area, and not just to gather more information for an assignment. This, of course, is a big ask, as we are asking students to be reflective web learners e.g. to think about how they use the web as well as what they learn when they use the web. Food for thought?

As I live by the sea here in Scotland for most of the year, I pass many rocks along the shoreline. One of the fascinating aspect of rocks is their colour, which is constantly changing depending on the time of day and the weather. The photo below shows rocks near my home and it was taken in the early evening when the sun was on the rocks. Walking past this particular set of rocks, many of which are in a jagged formation, is like looking down on mountain ranges from a plane. You can get a Lilliputian sense of walking past civilisations which exist partly under water when the tide is in. Now that would be clever.

Evening rocks


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