Education Eye and summer soup

From FutureLab an interesting new tool called Education Eye which ‘maps hundreds of the top educational websites, blogs, forums and practitioner case studies’. It looks like a very good way of trying to keep up to date with some of what’s going on in the web. You need to register to use the tool to get access to the articles, many of which give links to others, but registration is brief. Once into the Eye, you can search for what interests you e.g. I searched for ‘information literacy’ and found some interesting material. It’s certainly worth a try and may well be a good shortcut to keeping up to date.

It’s summer here in Scotland, so  the heavier winter broths give way to lighter summer soups. No more grating carrots, potatoes or turnips (aka swedes) but a much easier combination of chopped leeks, courgettes and broccoli, with some dried and fresh basil added to your choice of stock. This is, in fact, fairly fast food, as you put the leeks into the pan and sweat them with margarine or butter or olive oil, according to taste, then add the courgettes and broccoli. give it a good stir round, so the vegetables are coated. Add your basil and stock, simmer for about 20 minutes, let it cool and then liquidise. You can also add potatoes if you like to this soup. Of course, what I (and the French of course) call courgettes, you (and the Italians of course) may call zucchini. In Australia, it’s zucchini and broccoli is pronounced broccol-eye. Serve with a spoonful of creme fraiche and crusty bread and that’s your lunch fixed.


One Response to “Education Eye and summer soup”

  1. elli klajn Says:

    Thanks, nice soup, my daughter who is anti-vegetable finished her bowl

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