Future school libraries and Law Race

This week, I am in Gothenburg in Sweden for the IFLA conference, which started off yesterday with a pre-conference event focusing on the future of school libraries from a national and international perspective. There was an international list of speakers from Scandinavia, Holland, Italy and the USA who presented a range of perspectives about school libraries now and in the future. There was also a presentation – which should have been extended – by 3 local school librarians Linda Spolen, Cecilia Bengtsson and Frederik Ernerot, which showed how a new generation of teacher librarians are approaching the future. The future is digital, collaborative and focused on learning, accompanied by quality teaching. An interesting day, which could have been improved by more time for discussion and participation by the sizeable group of local school librarians who turned up to hear, amongst others Lesley Farmer and Ross Todd enthusing on the important role played by teacher/school librarians across the world.

Last week saw the North Berwick Law Race, an event which, as its name suggests, goes up and down North Berwick Law. In Scotland, a law is a hill and this is quite a hill. The Law stands out above the town of North Berwick which 11 miles/18k from Dunbar. It is a volcanic rock which stands 615 feet above the town and has spectacular 360 views across farmland, the coast and out to The Bass Rock. The race starts in the town and runners are going uphill for 2.4k, most of which is very steep and rocky and for the climb up the law, running gives way to walking and occasionally climbing. The rock was exposed after the ice age in Scotland ended. The ice age ended in Scotland, contrary to the belief of some of my Australian friends, 10,000 years ago. The photo below, which is technically a poor photo as the sun has caught the camera, shows the leader clambering up and appearing to be the focus of the sun’s rays.

North Berwick Law Race


One Response to “Future school libraries and Law Race”

  1. Brenda bruce Says:

    Hi James. The background in that photo is what intrigued me. Quite amazing juxtaposition. I was just emailing a current student & talking about description as opposed to critically analyzing. Just looked at your blog & the first paragraph proved the point:
    ‘An interesting day, which could have been improved by …..’

    Took me quite a lot of grey matter to get that point. But when you do, it permeates your whole way of thinking. It is certainly part of the feedback thing that John Hattie majors on. PD sessions at school have been transformed for me. You turn from a sponge to a squirter! Oh dear. I mean you are more active than passive. You can tell me that that is what one is supposed to be anyway!! All the best. Great blog.
    Brenda Bruce.

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