Boxof Tricks and rocks

I came across the website of Jose Picardo who is head of modern languages at Nottingham High School in the UK and it looks like something which TLs could use by themselves but also pass on to others in the school – and not just modern language teachers. Boxof Tricks is full of ideas about using ICT in the school e.g. ideas on using video applications, interactive whiteboards, podcasting etc. It’s certainly worth a browse around the various elements of the site and check out some of the tools e.g. Xtranormal – ‘if you can type, you can make movies’. I haven’t got time to check this out but let me know if you do.

Walking along the shoreline along from our house, you come across different mini-landscapes, including small stretches of sand, areas where there are thousands of shells, and rocky stretches. On the rocky parts, it’s always worthwhile to stop and look at the variety of colours, shapes and markings on the small to medium size rocks. It’s like being in a microsculpture gallery and the more you look, the more you see, as in the picture below.

Rocks on the Dunbar shoreline


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