Reference interviews and harvest time cycling

This week, some of my students are examining aspects of information services provided to staff and students in the school library and some have been focussing on the reference interview, which remains a key part of the activities of TLs and, it could be argued, is even more important in this digital age. So my questions to you as teacher librarians and school librarians around the world reading this blog are: a) do you think about how conduct reference interviews with students or do you just do it by instinct? b) How do you solve the age old problem of students not asking for help but just browsing the web or the library shelves aimlessly? and c) Digital reference service – is this possible in schools e.g. where students or staff can email/text the TL with a reference query and get a digital response? I don’t have any easy answers, I’m afraid but if I get you thinking about these issues, that’s a very good start.

It’s harvest time here in Scotland and a great time to go cycling up the hills, passing fields in which the wheat or barley is being harvested or where the crop has been cut and the bales remain in the field (see photo below for part of today’s route), or where the crop is still there and gently swaying in the wind. Of course, it now being September, it’s officially Autumn but there’s little sign of the trees turning as yet. Cycling is always different – on the bike today, my helmet was clipped by a partridge as I surprised it and its mate as I turned a corner. Further on, a deer skipped across the road in front of me, its dark, reddish skin shining in the sun. Finally, a bee landed on my lips and I had to blow it away. It’s never dull – often painful but never dull.

Harvest time


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