School library websites and Australian duathletes

This week, most of my students are looking at a range of issues relating to school library websites. It is difficult to put exact figures on the numbers of school library websites available for everyone to view on the web, but my hunch is that there are fewer – because of the growth of school intranets and virtual learning environments such as Moodle which are protected sites. This means that there is now less sharing of school library websites across the world by TLs. Fortunately, there are notable exceptions such as that at Dixie Grammar School in the UK. My own view is that, where possible, teacher librarians should attempt to have a publicly available school library website which can be seen by fellow professionals and ideas can be shared. School library websites have the potential to be learning websites which contain not only resources but material from which students can learn directly, and to which students can have input. If you don’t have a school library website – that’s your challenge.

On Saturday, I was at Holyrood Park in Edinburgh to watch part of the World Duathlon Championships as my mate Geoff Breese, from Wagga Wagga was taking part. It was a spectacular setting with the Scottish parliament building and Holyrood Palace on one side and Arthur’s Seat and The Crags on the other. It was a bright warm day and Edinburgh was looking at its best. There was a whirr of cyclists and runners as different categories took place at the same time. At the finish, I caught the Australian 45-54 team, proudly showing the flag, in the picture below.

Australian duathletes at Holyrood Palace


One Response to “School library websites and Australian duathletes”

  1. Linda Says:

    Thanks for sharing the Dixie Grammar School library website – it is amazing – I would have loved to leave a comment to let her know what a fantastic job I think she has done – but comments were closed 😦
    Thanks also James for helping us to keep up with what is happening in TL world and beyond:)

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