OZTL_NET and high tide

I had an interesting email the other day, asking about OZTL_NET , the listserv for (mainly) Australian TLs, although there are members from many countries. I am the manager of the listserv at the moment, and the question asked was: why is OZTL_NET still so popular? My answer was that it still fills a need within the TL community for finding and sharing information, and that it reflects the spirit of sharing that is very prevalent amongst TLs. I think the same could be said for LM_NET in north America and SLN in the UK. These listservs also can be seen as individual TLs doing personal professional development, in that they are learning from each other and taking on board others’ ideas. If you are not on one of these lists, then I strongly suggest that you join one.

Last weekend saw cold north winds – straight from the Arctic – blowing here in Dunbar and one result of this was a very high tide, with waves crashing over the harbour wall. Dunbar Harbour is in fact, 2 harbours, with the ‘old harbour’ going back hundreds of years. The ‘new’ harbour was built in late Victorian times to provide more protection for the growing number of boats involved in the herring fishing industry. Today, there are only a few fishing boats which mainly catch prawns, plus some small yachts. The picture below shows the tide coming over the harbour wall.

Waves over Dunbar Harbour wall


One Response to “OZTL_NET and high tide”

  1. Mary Mahoney Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree that membership of a professional listserv is very worthwhile and that even if people feel they cannot always contribute there will come a time when you have the knowledge and the will to contribute and assist someone else as I have been on numerous occasions but first you must join.

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