New book and ‘The girl with…’

My new book Improving students’ web use and information literacy: a guide for teachers and teacher librarians  will be published next month by Facet Publishing. The first half of the book is directed at school staff, including teachers and TLs/SLs and covers the learning and teaching context of the school; finding and using information on the web; evaluating websites; web 2.0 in schools; and information literacy. The second half explores improving students’ use of the web; developing learning websites for student use – design and tools; developing learning websites for student use – content; and the next phase of ICT in schools. The book is designed to be a practical book for use in schools but with a sound theoretical context. Of course, books like these are never completely up to date e.g. with new aspects of web 2.0 arriving daily but my book is focuses on improving learning in schools and not just identifying the latest fad. Naturally, I recommend that you check it out. What am I saying? Just buy it!

I’ve always been a bit wary of buying books that appear to be overhyped and also appear to be being  pushed very hard by the marketing arm of a large publisher. However, having just finished Stieg Larsson’s The girl with the dragon tattoo, I have to say that the book does deserve to be widely read, as it is an excellent thriller, with unusual characters and an atmospheric setting. It’s not the greatest crime novel – there’s no agreement as to what is – but it is very intriguing, well written, carefully plotted and certainly keeps your attention. I never read two books by the same author one after another, so I’ll wait a bit before reading the 2 sequels, although I am looking forward to reading them also.


3 Responses to “New book and ‘The girl with…’”

  1. Lori Says:

    James, your new book sounds exciting. I wish we had had it for ETL504!

    I was also skeptical about the Stieg Larsson books but I devoured all three of them very quickly in succession. I would recommend reading books 2 and 3 in succession simply because the story contines from one to the other in a timespace of 20 mins. The movies are great, very true to the story and fast paced. If you get a chance, see them, but in the Swedish. Sadly, Hollywood has their hands on them, and will no doubt ruin a perfect good storyline.

  2. Julie Says:

    James, have you read Peter Temple’s “The Broken Shore”? A great book! I also liked his “In the Evil Day”.

  3. Julie Power Says:

    Hello Mr. Herring

    I am a secondary school teacher in Ottawa, Canada, and I am taking an online teacher-librarian course. One of my research topics is “website evaluation” and in my search of scholarly articles on this subject, your article,”Web Site Evaluation: A Key Role for the School Librarian,” has appeared numerous times; however, I have not been able to access the full text. I was wondering if you would kindly tell me how to access it or send me an attachment of the article. Thank-you very much.

    Julie Power
    West Carleton S.S.

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