Twurdy and Cathedral Cove

The blog is back after a 2 week break due to work pressure and then a short holiday. Some of my students this session have been using the search engine Twurdy with their students, as part of an assignment in which students develop a learning website, part of which is an e-pathfinder. Twurdy is powered by Google but its key distinguishing feature is its attempts to apply readability levels to the results it shows. The results are shaded differently and you can try to match the shading with the chart at the side of the results. One strange aspect is that Twurdy gives readability ratings in figures e.g. 529, but there is no explanation of what these figures actually mean. It has 3 different option including a Simple Twurdy for younger students. Anecdotally, the school students who have used Twurdy appear to like it. I think it needs a bit more sophistication in its presentation of readability.

On holiday last week in New Zealand’s North Island, I went to the Coromandel Peninsula and visited Cathedral Cove. There’s a walk of c30 minutes down to the cove and you have lovely views across the sea and out to a group of islands. the key feature of the cove is an open cave in the rock though which you can walk (if open) and through which you can see one of the large rock features near the cove which sit magnificently in the incoming tide. An idyllic spot and you can see photos of the cave on the link above. My photo of one of the large rocks is below. A must see if you’re in that area.

Cathedral Cove, NZ


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