Digital learning and early snow

From eSchool News a new report on digital learning and, in particular, on high quality digital learning. The report outlines what it regards as the key elements of high quality digital learning and these include: all students can be digital learners; all students have access to high quality course and content; all students have high quality teachers; funding and infrastructure to support digital learning are available. High aims indeed and the report recognises that these are aims and also that key barriers need to be removed. The report focuses on blended learning – a combination of ‘live teaching and a variety of technological tools, including online learning’ – which could help to produce more high school graduates in the USA, as well as more skilled workers. The 3 barriers? Time, funding and access. Plus ca change…

Here in Scotland, we’ve had an early dose of snow and ice which we’ve not had for many years in November. Of course, global warming will produce cooler conditions in the UK. The snow produces lovely, picturesque scenes and you can (as Australians say) rug up against the cold with hat, scarf, gloves, winter coat and boots and walk in the crisp sunshine we get at this time of year. It’s just than when you’ve had 4 weeks of mid to high 20s in terms of temperature, it tales a wee while to get used to. The photo below shows seagull tracks in the snow at Dunbar Harbour. It looks like hieroglyphics and for all I know, these seagulls may have Egyptian ancestors and may be leaving messages in the snow for the cognoscenti.

Seagull footprints in the snow at Dunbar Harbour


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