New book and winter surfers

My new book Improving students’ web use and information literacy has now been published although I haven’t seen a copy as yet. The title is admittedly tautological, in that web use could be seen as part of information literacy but my publisher wanted both. So, this is an unashamedly biased advert for this book which every school should have. It contains a mix of theory and practice, although practice is high on its agenda. There is also some of my recent research in the book. Overall, it is a book for practitioners, and I hope that both teacher/school librarians and teachers will be able to put into practice many of the ideas and examples in the book. The examples come from schools across the world who have been instrumental in using ICT effectively in the library and in the classroom. As well as being a book for professionals, many parents would benefit from reading it. As the midsummer/midwinter festivals are about to hit us, and present buying is in action, think of the delight on that person’s face on 25th December as s/he opens up to the new book by James Herring!

Now I would think that the great majority of you reading this blog, and all of you in the southern hemisphere where the summer holidays are about to begin, would associate surfing with warmth. Think Bondi Beach, think Manley Beach, think of a warm sun on you as you watch the surfers glide. This may come as a surprise but here in the wintry north, surfing is very much an all year round sport, with the winter tides bringing in large waves. The gear is certainly more robust but the sport is the same. Not something I indulge in, but yesterday I was walking along Belhaven B ay where Dunbar’s main beach is, and came across two young surfers, which you can see in the photo below. What you see next to the surfers is piles of dirty snow which the council workers dumped there last week. One of the surfers looked up and said “Capturing the madness?” as I took the photo.

Winter surfing


2 Responses to “New book and winter surfers”

  1. Catherine Hainstock Says:

    Congratulations James on your new book!I wouldn’t mind seeing it under my Xmas tree but Santa may not be aware of it just yet so I’ll look for it online.
    As a (very) recent graduate from CSU (and now shiny new TL at a local highschool!) I’m still learning and discovering best practices so am interested in any publications of a practical nature. I’m sure it will be as helpful as your last book.
    All the best for a Happy Xmas and New Year and thanks for the continuing items of interest posted on your blog.

  2. steph gilchrist Says:

    Hi james, looking forward to reading the new book. Is there an e-version?

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