Not so Delicious and snowy creels

For those of you who engage in social bookmarking, you will no doubt have heard that Yahoo are going to close their Delicious site. This is potentially bad news for the many people in schools who have used Delicious and for many TLs/SLs who have encouraged their teachers and students to use this site. It’s also potentially embarrassing for authors of new books who, on p55, sing the praises of Delicious. fortunately in my new book I also cite other social bookmarking sites. All is not lost if you’re a Delicious devotee, as a very clearly written article by Webologist shows everyone how to save and export their bookmarked sites from Delicious. The other lesson, of course, is the transitory nature of most of the web, especially sites which are owned by multinationals like Yahoo.

More snow hereabouts and it looks like the 25 December will be a white one. One of the pleasures of snow is looking at how artefacts can be highlighted, and sometimes transformed, by a coating of snow. In the picture below, taken at Dunbar harbour, I like the way the creels are enhanced by the snow and it changes a utilitarian stacking of working creels into an abstract montage – at least that’s what I see. No blog next week because of holidays. Whatever your midwinter/midsummer festival is, I hope you en joy it.  

Creels at Dunbar harbour


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