BETT (1) and V&A

Just back from the annual BETT exhibition and conference which took place from 12-15 January in London. The exhibition itself is huge with over 600 exhibitors vying for your attention and (if you have any) your school’s cash. What I noticed this year was that there was a heavy emphasis on school VLE platforms. One of the most prominent exhibitors was FROG which claims to have over 600 schools in the UK   were also a number of companies advertising their use of Moodle which is also popular in UK schools. I think that TLs and SLs who are not actively involved in their school’s VLE platform (or in the planning to select one) could usefully get involved in ensuring that the VLE includes access to learning websites designed in school, as well as to resources. TLs have much more to offer than providing list of mediated resources for topics and a VLE is an excellent vehicle for providing information literacy guidance for students.

Saturday saw time for my first visit to the magnificent Victoria and Albert Museum. One visit to this cultural centre will only allow you to see a very small section of the V&A’s contents. The building itself – apart from its contents – has a  very impressive exterior and wide marble staircases, and is a pleasure just to walk around. Even the tea room impresses as you drink your tea surrounded by walls decorated with William Morris designs. I visited the Jameel Gallery which houses a large range of objects from the Middle East from the 8th century onwards, including the unique Ardibil Carpet which is protected by being kept in the dark for most of the time, as well as some beautiful pottery and tilework.


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