Practical intelligence and loony dook

I’m alerted by one of my students (Thanks Philip) to Howard Gardner’s work on practical intelligence. There is a close link between Gardner’s ideas and a project he was involved with in schools, and information literacy. practical intelligence,which came out of Gardner’s research on multiple intelligences, seeks to allow students to examine their own intelligences and learning styles but within the school curriculum, and includes aspects of what we would term information literacy, such as defining need and being reflective users of a range of abilities, including higher order learning skills. My own view now is that we should try to get students to develop their own model of information literacy and to do this, we need to provide students with guidance on how to do this.

One new feature of New Year’s Day here in Dunbar was the inaugural Loony Dook. The word ‘dook’ in Scots means swim and ‘loony’ means mad in different parts of the world. A more established Loony Dook is the one in Edinburgh. With an air temperature of 2-3 degrees, quite a few people dived into the very cold North Sea to raise money for charity, to meet a challenge from friends, or just to be a bit daft on the 1st January. Your blogger took a more rational view i.e. that someone had to take the photographs and to do this while participating, would need a waterproof camera. Once it was over, 4 of my cycling mates came back to our house and were warmed up by a wee dram of Macallan’s malt whisky. As a follow up to an icy swim – or even an observation of one – this is hard to beat. The photo below shows the brave plungers.

Loony dook at Dunbar's east beach


2 Responses to “Practical intelligence and loony dook”

  1. Philip Cooney Says:

    Gardner says that practical intelligences is, in part, about helping students to develop the intelligences that will enable them to succeed in the school environment. The importance of overt teaching in also affirmed by Gardner. The link with information literacy comes through clearly in Gardner’s statement that the goals include “acquiring the tools to learn on one’s own and want to learn” and for “students to take responsibility for their education, even after school is over, so that practical intelligence for schooling becomes practical intelligence for the acquisition of knowledge and understanding throughout life”.

  2. Salvatore Says:

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