CPD and late winter flowers and sounds

I’ve been reading a few articles recently which make mention of the importance of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) but mainly in passing. Professional development, according to Aussie educator ‘is an integral component of teacher development. It is an ongoing activity designed to increase levels of expertise and understanding’. This applies to TLs and SLs also and the key words here are integral, development, expertise and understanding. As someone who has organised a good number of CPD days for TLs in Australia and SLs in the UK, it often surprised me how little CPD was actually done outside the school. In the hurly burly of everyday school life, it’s often difficult to sit back and think about CPD – when will you the time? However, if CPD is to be integral and is to increase the TL’s expertise and understanding, then it’s important to seek out opportunities i.e. be proactive about CPD and not just reactive.

It’s late winter here in Scotland and the saying is that ‘the nights are fair drawin’ oot’. One happy circumstance of longer days and slightly warmer weather is the return of colour to the garden, with snowdrops and primroses brightening up the days. The photo below of a primrose in my garden shows not only the colour but the curves of the flower and the patterned leaves. One of the sights and sounds of this time of year is that of skeins (pr, skeens) of geese  flying above your head. Out on the bike yesterday, I saw 3 Vs approaching and could then hear the cries of the geese, as they formed and reformed the V shape in the sky. If the geese are flying south, then winter may be giving way a little.

February primrose


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