“Ten great sites” and poor Lubin

From the ever reliable eSchool News , a list of what the author calls ‘Ten great sites with free teacher resources’. The list of sites can be found in an article in eSchool News (You’ll need to subscribe to see the whole article – but it’s worth it). the article lists some potentially very useful sites for schools across the world. OK – they are all based in the US but the breadth of coverage means that quite a lot of the material listed would be useful in Australia/NZ or the UK or other countries. The list includes Te-ACH-nology.com which has 42,000 lesson plans, plus printable resources and webquests; Teachers domain which promises media resources, learning programmes and professional learning guides; Classroom Materials which is a Library of Congress initiative, includes themed resources and ‘primary source sets’; and Curriki  which has resources on topics across the curriculum. I’m sure that the quality of the resources will vary and some will need to be adapted. As ever, if you use a resource which comes with a contact, then email the resource producer.

Today’s poem in my Poetry Calendar is called ‘A Reasonable Affliction’ and is by Matthew Prior (1664-1721). The first verse tells us that ‘poor Lubin’ is dying and his wife is by his bed. They are both upset. The second verse tells us that:

“A diff’rent cause, says Parson Sly,/The same effective may give:/Poor Lubin fears, that he shall die;/His wife, that he may live’. Alas poor Rubin, then? Of course, maybe he deserved it.


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