SIGMS article and Edinburgh in early Spring

Thanks to my colleague Joy McGregor, I can alert you all to an article in ISTE’s Learning and Leading with Technology journal, which you would do well to add to your favourites and to pass on the link to colleagues. The article – rather naffly entitled Not your grandmother’s library – gives some very good examples of teacher librarians using technology to very good effect i.e. by enhancing student learning. From the very well-known Joyce Valenza, to Keisa Williams and Wendy Stephens, the article highlights examples of the work of these three teacher librarians. Also in the issue of the journal are articles on tagging, Google sites, collaboration and advocacy. Well worth a look.

In Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, yesterday. A glorious early Spring today in (relatively) warm sunshine and a big blue sky. Edinburgh is a city for walking and you can reach most of the eye-catching attractions with fairly short walks. The centre of the city is dominated, on Princes Street which is the main thoroughfare, by the Scott Monument, the largest monument to a writer in the world. It is in praise of Sir Walter Scott , author of famous novels such as Waverley and Ivanhoe. At this time of year, it’s a joy to walk through Princes Street Gardens and enjoy the masses of crocuses which line the banks. The picture below shows the flowers below the Scott Monument.

Scott Monument


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