Livebinders and lambs (and Lamb)

While doing some searching for material on digital school environments, I came across a new tool which may be useful for TLs and teachers –  Livebinders. This tool comes highly recommended as the AASL (US school library association) inlcuded it in their top 25 tools for 2010. It looks reasonably easy to use and you can use it to collect resources on a topic, organise them and present them. The format is presented as similar to a ring binder, although in reality, it is more like a series of topic tabs across the top of the website, which can be clicked to reveal the contents. For example, in the eBooks go to school  binder, the tabs include advice on formats, eReaders and eBook purchasing. Certainly worth a look.

At the weekend, on walk round St Abbs Head, one of the features was the new born lambs in the fields – see photo below. Walking along, I remembered my English teacher Mrs McKie getting the class to read Charles Lamb’s essay A Dissertation Upon Roast Pig which purports to tell of how we came to eat roast pork. The tale is of a clumsy Chinese boy who accidentally set his house on fire. The house was not only home to the family but also to a litter of pigs. When the fire went out, the boy touched one of the pigs, and because it was very hot, put his fingers in his mouth – and tasted roast pork for the first time! After that, many villagers (and the local judge) burned their houses down on a regular basis. The essay also highlights how we treat animals and has a decidely philosophical element as well as an amusing one.

Spring lambs at St Abbs


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    hmm nice Spring lambs at St Abbs thanks admin

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