Digital literacy and The Killing

From time to time, I check out the Futurelab site and I always find something of interest. One of the current offerings is a report on digital literacy which starts by giving examples of what different teachers might define as digital literacy. As with information literacy, there is no one agreed definition. An excellent part of the report is where examples from schools are provided. These show how both primary and secondary schools have tried to incorporate digital literacy into their school curriculum and there are many useful ideas here. The subsequent sections deal with the curriculum, pedagogy and teacher’s thoughts on developing digital literacy. No need to read it all word for word, but certainly worth scanning – and passing on within your school.

The Killing in the title of this posting does not refer to any murderous crime committed hereabouts recently, but to the very popular TV series which has just ended here in the UK. It’s a strange success story as The Killing was shown in 10 double episodes on Saturday evenings at 9pm and was in Danish with English subtitles. So 2o hours of viewing with more twists and turns than an Alpine cycling route. It was riveting, with a mixture of whodunnit and political intrigue and some excellent acting, not least from the often persecuted detective Lund, as she determinedly followed every clue. It was one of these shows/films with subtitles which, at the end, you would testify in a court of law that you had hear the characters speak in English. If it comes to your country, rearrange 20 hours of your life.


One Response to “Digital literacy and The Killing”

  1. Christine Karlov Says:

    Hi James

    Thanks for that link re digital literacy. Its a term that can cause a bit of confusion. I am wondering if there will ever be a definitive definition? Since the nature of tech we use to teach is always changing?

    I haven’t seen “The Killing” ( hope it comes out in Aus!!) but from what you described you might also like Icelandic author Arnaldur Indridason, his work features a detective who is very determined as well as lots of twists and turns 🙂 Also it is fascinating in that it explores Icelandic issues / culture/ landscapes in the context of 21st Century.

    I wrote a book review of “Tainted Blood” by Indridason

    I’ve managed to read all of his books that our local library has ! I’m very tempted to track down any remaining ones 🙂

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