Mobile learning and The Grips

From a recent eSchool News, a series of articles on mobile learning. One of the key arguments here is that having laptops and netbooks in classrooms is a form of mobile learning, but it is restricted to inside the school. Examples are given of projects using smart phones, where it is claimed that excellent results were achieved with students doing maths home work. Another argument is that computers up until now have been supplemental to learning and teaching, especially where there is a shortage e.g. of laptops. One writer argues that supplemental use is ‘not enough to move the needle’ ( a new phrase for me) in terms of improving learning. There are problems identified here e.g. students using smart phones in the school to access the web inappropriately, and issues about classroom management, and it’s clear that evidence about the use of smart phones and learning is not yet conclusive. It’s certainly worth keeping an eye on developments in this area.

The picture below is taken at the entrance to Dunbar Harbour which is less than 1k from where I live. The part where the railings are has always been referred to locally as The Grips, although I don’t know why this name was given to the rocks and the small landing there. The railings are a very recent addition. You reach that part of the harbour when the harbour bridge is down, and you can walk right round the harbour. Today is ‘craning day’ at the harbour and a huge crane has been hired to lift and lower the small yachts into the harbour. These yachts are taken out in the autumn because of the winter storms. This is also a very noisy period at the harbour as the kittiwakes are nesting and mating and there are constant cries as birds take off and land.

Entrance to Dunbar Harbour


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