Information literacy and Science Festival

This week, my students are discussing definitions and models of information literacy. My own most recent definition (i.e. my definition of information literacy has changed/developed/matured(?)/been enhanced) is that information literacy can be seen as a critical and reflective ability to exploit the current information environment, and to adapt to new environments; and a practice. There’s a stress here not only on students using information literacy skills, but being practitioners, which implies that they take a reflective and critical view of the skills techniques they use e.g. developing a concept map or formulating questions. I’ll also be getting my students to take a look at Mike Eisenberg’s videos (aka vodcasts) to get them critically evaluating different viewpoints on information literacy.

This week, a visit from my two 11-year-old twin nieces (Jessica and Lucy), up from Wakefield in England for a few days. My brother-in-law Tom and I took them to The Museum of Scotland which is a fascinating visit in itself, but is currently hosting part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival. One part was allowing you to look at the brain through 3D glasses. There was a child’s brain, all neat and tidy and tightly packed. The adult’s brain had what looked like wide canyons running through it, so presumably when you are, like me, of a certain age, that’s where the things you can’t remember slip into.


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