Futurelab and bluebells

The Futurelab website makes a regular appearance on this blog – for very good reasons. It’s an excellent way of keeping up to date with leading edge research and reports of interest to all educators in school. I recommend that you sign up for the newsletter. In my email today, the newsletter features Curriculum Eye (which I’ve mentioned before), an excellent tool which monitors technological innovations in schools; and a report on digital literacy at home and in school, which contains some very interesting results, including discussion of ‘connections and discontinuities’ between what students practice at home and at school.

In this part of Scotland, Spring only gets into full swing once the bluebells appear. At this time of year, fairly dull and sparse woods suddenly sprout leaves on the trees and masses of flowers, and become bluebell woods. Bluebells are pretty and delicate flowers  but can be troublesome in gardens as they spread rapidly. The photo below is of a mass of bluebells which local runners and cyclists pass on one of the many routes round here. In Scotland of course, particularly amongst those of us of a certain age, bluebells are often associated with The Bluebell Polka. So trying playing that to anyone of Scottish descent and ask them not to tap their feet.

Bluebells in the woods


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