ECIS librarians’ conference and Istanbul

Over the weekend, I attended the ECIS Librarians’ conference in Istanbul. Key speakers were Doug Johnson,  Joyce Valenza and Debbie Abilock. Doug Johnson talked about how schools need to adapt their learning environments to the ‘net generation’, Joyce Valenza zipped through a whole range of Web 2.0 tools, in a presentation which featured videos of some of here students. Debbie Abilock brought the conference to a stimulating end by discussing cultural competence in schools.  There was also an interesting paper on information literacy and curriculum mapping by Dianne McKenzie who rightly argued in her school, that digital literacy was a sub-species of information literacy, and not the other way round. My own presentation was on developing learning websites and I was pleased with the turnout, given that there were 5 other presentations at that time.

This was my first visit to Istanbul and I would include a photo, except that I forgot my camera, which can only be explained by characteristic dullness on my part. I only had half a day to see the sights, and as it was a Sunday afternoon, many, many other people had the same idea. I went to the Blue Mosque area which features the mosque itself, a magnificent building. Because of the long queues everywhere – I was twice advised to come back on Monday morning but I was leaving then – I didn’t get inside the Blue Mosque. You can walk through a large square, with magnificent obelisks from the 4th century, to Hagia Sofia which was a church, then a mosque and is now a museum – a spectacular sight. I did manage to visit the New Mosque – it was built in the 17th century – with its dramatic, but not ornate chandeliers, descending from the tiled domes. I’ll be back.


One Response to “ECIS librarians’ conference and Istanbul”

  1. Else-Britt Hellstrom Says:

    Hi! I was at your presentation in Istanbul, and found it real good. It was relevant and pertinant and I will be able to make my rudiment wiki so much better by using the ideas you so generously shared with us. Thanks a lot!

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