What will the library mean? and summer sky

In the Guardian review section on Saturday (which I always read on a Sunday morning) as well as the usual book reviews, there was a reference to the recent UNESCO conference on the future of the book. Geoffrey Nunberg was quoted as saying that in the future, the question will not be ‘What does the library look like?’ but ‘What will the library mean’. There was no reference to a paper, just this intriguing question. So, will a library mean something different to what it does today? Will school libraries mean something different? I’m tempted to say ‘Please send your answers on a $100 note to James Herring’ but I won’t. One aspect of school libraries in the future is that they may be regarded as more personal than shared i.e. each student or teacher may have their own library – not on their mobile device but stored in a cloud. There will still be shared space – the learning commons which may be called a library – but the definition of a library is likely to change.

It’s summer here in Scotland – not that you would have known  it on Saturday when it poured down and a cold wind rushed in from the sea. However, we’ve had some dramatic sunsets on other, warmer  days and an example of an intricate cloud formation can be seen in the photo below. I take these every year and, although the pictures look similar, there always subtle differences in shape and colour.

summer sky


One Response to “What will the library mean? and summer sky”

  1. skinnywench Says:

    What a lovely formation

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