Digital Teacher Librarian and cygnet time again

A new issue of Digital Teacher Librarian  is now available. The focus is on learning commons and what the 21st century school library might look like. There are three very thought provoking articles which focus on both primary and secondary schools and they reflect their authors’ opinions, as well as their practices. We should always be looking to plan ahead, so if your thoughts have been going along the lines of planning the future look, functions and services of your school library, this is a very good place to start. I’ve talked about the idea of a learning commons here recently and these articles build on the issues I’ve raised about what constitutes a learning commons, and why that phrase may be a useful one for TLs in the near future.

It’s summertime here in Scotland and the two swans that I’ve been following in recent years, have returned to the site next to Dunbar Golf Course just along from where I live. This year, as you’ll see in the photo below, there are 5 cygnets – this is the same as last year, although one of the cygnets last year got trapped and was killed by crows. We’ll see what this year brings. The one good thing about swans, from a photographer’s point of view, is that they are very approachable. As long as you do not show any aggression towards the parents or young, swans will allow you to get very close to them. They are a very welcome addition to what I can see on an early evening walk along the golf course and on to the short beach and stretch of rocks.

NOTE: There will be no blog entries forthe next 2 weeks as I am on annual leave.

Swan and cygnets


One Response to “Digital Teacher Librarian and cygnet time again”

  1. Sue Says:

    Hi James, I follow your blog, not only for the info, but for the snippets on life around you. Here in South Australia I live near a river (creek) where black swans have come for the last few years to raise their cygnets…which look exactly like the offspring of your white ones.

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